Switches for motorcycle – Mini 3 push buttons

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MessnerMoto CNC motorcycle switch is of the finest quality you will ever see. Handcrafted and designed in Milan, Italy. The love and passion that went into this product is obvious and you will love it as well!

Superb Design and CNC machining by MessnerMoto. Switches have clean, smooth and obviously an elegant design. MessnerMoto creates only unique products, so this one took some pretty extremely complex CNC machining!

Designed for use with a control module, such as the m-Unit, these are momentary contact switches and can be used for any programmable device like the m-Unit that allows you to configure what the switches actuate. Alternatively you can use any available electronic relay.

MessnerMoto CNC motorcycle are produced in low volume numbers, so uniqueness is guaranteed!

High quality finish! Surface finish up to the level of surface finish on Apple products!

Available in anodized BLACK!

Available in anodized SILVER!


  • They come with three IP65 miniature momentary 1A 12mm(M8) buttons.
  • 45mm outer diameter
  • For 22mm handlebars
  • Strong high-quality cable(6×0.22m2) is included. Black Wires are soldered to buttons
  • The wire cable exits the switches on the side and it is supported with laser 3D printed piece of plastic on exit from switch housing. This 3D printed PA12 support will prevent cable wire fatigue failure.
  • ECE marked.
  • If cable exits the switches on the side, cable is supported with laser 3D printed piece of plastic on exit from control. This will prevent wire fatigue breakage


Please order 2 pieces for left and right. And please state color you want! If you want only one please choose the side(left or right).

Chose Side(If you select Pair, please order at least two) *
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Reviews (17)

17 reviews for Switches for motorcycle – Mini 3 push buttons

  1. Dave

    When you run the wires inside the handle bars, what do you have to “seal” or cover the hole in the side?

    • Mirjan Čubrić

      Hi Dave, it would be hard to seal any switches on the market because usually housing is made in two half’s. If you are concerned you can put piece of rubber.

  2. Johanson D. (IG)

    It is not that simple to make this switches work with internal handlebar wires, but it worked. 4/5 make it simpler next time.

  3. Chris S. (IG) (verified owner)

    I bought some mini 3 button switches from you a while ago. My mechanic has lost the wire diagram, would you please be able to send me a pdf version so I can wire them up?

    • Mirjan Čubrić

      Hi Chris,

      -top button – green-yellow
      -middle button – orange-red
      -bottom button – brown-black

      you can choose what is ground wire how ever you prefer….

  4. Mr Br. K. (IG) (verified owner)

    Great switches, really pleased with them, Could you send me guidance on how you solder the wires to the switch and still keep the outer protective sheath? I can work out that if I strip the wires back of the black outer, I can twist into pairs and solder them that way and they will untwist when I screw them back in? If you have some photo’s that would be great, a video would be better.

    • Mirjan Čubrić

      -top button – green-yellow
      -middle button – orange-red
      -bottom button – brown-black

      use thermal isolation on wires after you solder them

  5. Toby UK (IG)

    I am interested in your 3 button handlebar switch but I need 2x push on/off buttons and not momentary. Is it possible to buy the switches as swap?

  6. Travis K(IG)

    Thanks for the tracking, excited to receive these parts! You have great designs!

  7. Rolf, Frankfurt

    Finally I received the motorcycle switches. Top notch quality! They will go on my BMW K build.

  8. George L.

    I have the switches:))) Beautiful!
    When it will be on the bike I will send u pic and video.
    Thanks once again!

  9. SaneMotion.ca

    I just put these on one of my bikes and I can honestly say they are beautiful , highest of quality and workmanship, you won’t be disappointed , I had order two more for another build!

  10. Glenn, UK

    Sweeeet, they are here and I’ve just installed them. Absolutely beautiful Mirko and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you, my high expectations have been exceeded.

  11. Spero F., Ontario

    Received my switches today,
    They are better in person than
    In the pictures. Fantastic quality and minimalist, perfect.

  12. Hoi An,The Dark Moto

    Just got these babies in the post from @messnermoto . Looking forward to putting them on the GB250 build

  13. Thomas Christensen (verified owner)

    Just arrived, top quality looks very clean, actually smaller than I expected.

  14. Michael, Röttenbach

    The switches arrived today. They are awesome!!!
    Thank you

  15. Tony, UK (verified owner)

    I got the switch and its brilliant, i really like the black finish and the small buttons, its very well made! I will keep checking your website and if i need anything i will buy it from you! Have a nice day, Tony

  16. Mick

    As described! Super finish and quality. btw Thanks for the help for my project.

  17. Nick Volznak

    Beautiful design and high quality finish as advertised. Fast response.

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