January 20, 2020

Motorcycle Brake/Clutch Master Cylinder Assembly

This is the last revision of MessnerMoto Brake/Clutch Master Cylinder assembly. Currently there is 35 parts in assembly without Oil reservoir parts. It will be complex to arrange production of all the parts. Majority of parts will be CNC machined from 6061 T6 Aluminum, but there are part like springs that will demand completely different production techniques. If you pay attention you will see that great amount of time was spent on to making assembly symmetrical… the whole assembly can be switched from brake to clutch side and the other way around. It is important to make hole assembly more economical, because we are making small series of products. One of the main features, added in this revision, is adjustable leaver ratio in combination with adjustable leaver position. Majority of thinking went in to this mechanism. More on this in the next post. Leaver is made from two parts in this revision…. in case of emergency this will protect main assembly from destruction.
September 20, 2019

Video of MessnerMoto parts made by Caferacerwebshop.com

We are proud to present a short video of our products, produced and made by our partner Caferacerwebshop
September 20, 2019

The search for perfection | Messner Moto

The search for perfection | Messner Moto We are proud to present you article by RocketGarage written about making of MessnerMoto CB750. Jump to bottom of this page for a link to original article. The search for perfection | Messner Moto Mirko Mesner, founder and designer, has been in love with the automotive design since the early 2000s. His dream and passion was to design and build high-performance cars and motorcycles. The dream was big and frightening but step-by-step Mirko, having a strong background in computer science, taught himself industrial design, mechanical engineering and any other necessary skill needed to make his dream come true. Honda CB750 From the beginning of his quest, he started designing cars and motorcycles in 3D software hoping that one day all his effort will pay off and he will be able to start a project for real. Unfortunately, major obstacle for realization of his projects was financial resource. Building this kind of projects, with an obsession for perfection, demand huge amounts of financial support. After 10 years in IT industry, Mirko managed to save enough money in order to started building his first project. The moment he saw Honda CB750, he new that this will be his dream project. After choosing the right bike, he focused all of his spear time and resources in building his first motorcycle prototype based on CB750. It took long and stressful 3 years to design and build the bike, but at the end, he made it. The end result is perfection in motion. Frame Frame Front Triple Top Tree for GSX-R Conversion is designed by MessnerMoto and it is CNC machined from 6082-T6 billet aluminum Triple Bottom Tree for GSX-R Conversion is designed by MessnerMoto and it is CNC machined from 6082-T6 billet aluminum Front forks came from […]
September 13, 2019

BUILDING A CAFE RACER – Article by ReturnOfTheCafeRacers.com

We are proud to present you article by ReturnOfTheCafeRacers.com written about making of MessnerMoto parts. Jump to bottom of this page for a link to original article. BUILDING A CAFE RACER – MESSNERMOTO PARTS Producing aftermarket parts seems like a natural progression for any successful custom motorcycle builder. If people love your bikes there’s a good chance they’ll love your parts too. It’s no easy task though. Producing unique aftermarket parts takes a lot of research time and money; not to mention the skill to create something that functions on par with parts produced by a mainstream motorcycle manufacturer. Mirko Mesner isn’t the kind of builder who does things without extensive research and planning. His first build, a Honda CB750 cafe racer, took 3 years to complete and the result was nothing short of amazing. For his Honda, he developed several one-off parts to create the exact look he was after. Now after 2 years of fine-tuning and testing he’s released his own range of cafe racer parts under his MessnerMoto brand. CB750 on Bike Exif. I was surprised when I first heard that Mesner wasn’t an industrial designer after spying his CB750 on Bike Exif. He was instead introduced as a mobile app developer with a degree in computer science. A career that has as much in common with motorcycle building as NASA does with McDonald’s. However, due to a 20-year obsession with automotive design, Mesner decided to undertake a project that forced him to learn techniques used by industrial designers and engineers. He’s now used those skills to produce a range of high-quality ECE approved cafe racer parts for other aspiring builders. Clip-On Handlebars MessnerMoto Clip-On Handlebars Clip-on handlebars should be an essential ingredient on any cafe racer parts list. They reposition the rider for more aggressive riding […]