Motorcycle LED Switch CNC V2.1 is in STOCK!

Motorcycle LED Switch CNC V2.1 2 buttons and 3 buttons version are now in stock after long testing and development. We had to develop, design and produce our own Momentary 8mm buttons. No momentary button this small was available on the market! Buttons have have 12mm flange diameter, clickable diameter is 6mm, LED strip is […]

First version of Switches for motorcycles is sold out!

We are are happy to announce that the last package with the first version of MessnerMoto Motorcycle Switch was shipped last week. From now on we only have Motorcycle Switch CNC V2 in stock. It is available in 3 button and 2 button configuration. Motorcycle Switch CNC V2 2 buttons Motorcycle Switch CNC V2 3 […]

Vagabund Moto – MessnerMoto Colaboration

We are honored that Vagabund Moto used our BMW R nineT CNC Top Triple Tree Yoke Clamp on their out of this world V15 project. Vagabund Moto next project based on BMW R nineT  will also featured several of our products, including 55mm version of our Motorcycle Clip-Ons CNC V2 clipons. Full read on BikeExif […]

CB550 – GSXR 1000 K7/8 Front End Conversion

We are making complete conversion combo for a customer. Gsxr 1000 k7/8 Front End on CB550. Combo includes top tree, bottom tree, stem, stoppers, top nut. 40mm is offset and there is 10mm drop on top tree. Optional are universal brackets for Motoscope Mini and Pro. MessnerMoto recognizable clean design.

3D printed prototype of MessnerMoto Brake/Clutch Master Cylinder

We finally got our hands on the prototype of our Master Cylinder. Prototype is 3D laser sintered(SLS) in PA12 plastic. There are 40 parts in hole assembly. Some parts are just several mm big. All the parts came out almost perfect from 3D printing. The only problem was in 3D printed threads, but that was […]

Finial design of MessnerMoto Brake/Clutch Master Cylinder

We are 99% sure that this is it. Next step is to 3D laser sinter all the parts and check how assembly work. Probably there will be some changes before production. There are 40 parts in this picture of MessnerMoto Brake/Clutch Master cylinder assembly. We will need to use at least 3 suppliers for all […]

Racing Experience from Belgium with MessnerMoto CB750 Cam Tensioner

Our friend and customer IG @jerreterre finished a racing season in Belgian Classic Championship 2019 with his CB750. He is using our High Performance Honda CB750 Cam Chain Tensioner in his CB750 engine. After the end of the season he had to open the engine because of con-rod bearing getting loose. While the engine was […]