Mirko Mesner, our founder and designer, has been in love with the automotive design since the early 2000s. His dream and passion were to design and build high-performance cars and motorcycles. The dream was big and frightening but step-by-step, Mirko, even though coming from a computer science background, he taught himself industrial design, mechanical engineering and any other necessary skill needed to make his dream come true.

From the beginning of his quest, he started designing cars and motorcycles in 3D software hoping that one day all his effort will pay off and he will be able to start a real project. Unfortunately, the major obstacle for the realization of his project were financial resources. Building this kind of projects, coupled with an obsession for perfection, demands huge amounts of financial support. After 10 years in IT industry, Mirko managed to save enough money in order to start to build his first project.

The moment he saw Honda CB750, he immediately knew that this motorbike will be basis for his dream project. After choosing the right bike, Mirko invested all of the savings and free time in building his first motorcycle prototype based on this Honda. It took long and stressful 3 years to design and build this bike, but at the end, he made it. The end result is perfection in motion.