Frame if shortened at the back. Tail lights are integrated in rear frame tubes. Part of frame, above the engine, can be disasembled engine work can be done without taking out the engine from frame.

Front forks are from GSXR 750 2007. Breaks calipers also. Break rotors are Brembo ORO performance version. Front master cylinder is also from GSXR 750 2007 hidden below tank. Steering shock is OHLINS, with custom holder on frame below bottom triple tree.

Rear fork is made from DOHC cb900 1981 fork with added baracing for monoshock conversion. Rear monoshock is OHLINS for Yamaha r1 2012. Spring of monoshock was chrome plated. Rear break caliper is taken from KTM Adventure 1290r 2016 including Brembo break rotor. Carrier for rear break is made on CNC from 6082 t6 aluminum.


Front wheel is completley made for this project. Rim is from aluminium 7075 t6. Spokes are stainless and are custom bent. Hub is made on 4 axis CNC from 6082 t6 aluminium. Rim is 18“x3.5“. Front tire is 120/70zr18 Bridgestone Battlax BT-020 F

Rear wheel is 18“x4.5“ sourced from KTM Adventure 1290r 2016. Tire is 170/60zr18 Bridgestone BATTLAX BT-54

Front fender is 3d printed using reinforced ABS plastic. Hidden carrier for front fender is also made using 3d brinting but it is reinforced with carbon tubes and stainless steel

Rear fender is 3d printed, also reinforced ABS plastic

Front and rear drive sprockets are custom made. Front from heat threated steel, rear from 7075 t6 aluminum. Original bike has 630 chain. It is converted to 525 chain.


Top and bottom triple trees are made from 6082 t6 aluminum on CNC

Handlebars made on CNC from 6082 t6 aluminum

Hand controls are also made on CNC from 6082 t6 aluminum

All control hand buttons are made on CNC from 6082 t6 aluminum

Trotle control is made from 6082 t6 aluminium using laser cutting and welding.

Holders for Tarozzi Rear sets are made on CNC from 6082 t6 aluminum

All tubing and cables are custom made for this project.

Electrical intalation

Completly cutome made electrical instalatio. Motogedget m-unit v2.0 is center of electrical system. M-unit is packed in box below seat with two lithium batteries. Motogedget Motoscope Pro digital dashboard. All the measuring devices are implemented so Motoscope can display, beside standard information, oil preasure, oil temperature, engine head temperature... etc.

Charging system on the bike is converted to modern one from Yamaha R6 2009 using alternator flywheel and recificator from that bike. Left engine conver where alterantor is positioned is havaly modified. Using CNC fabrication welding etc...

Front light is integrated 45w LED unit. Custom turn signals are also fitted in front light. Tail light is custom made and integrated in rear frame tubes. Tail light are made using custom LED diodes that can give red and yellow light at the same time.


Lightened and balanced crankshaft. Light flywheel sourced from Yamaha r6 2009

Forged connecting rods

Forged Wiesco pistons giving 10.5:1 compression(original 9:1). Incrised drom 736cc to 836cc

Up and Down cut transmission gears

Custom reinforced primary and cam chains. Completly cutom made primary and cam chain sliders and tensioners using PA 4.6 polyamid plastic. Using CNC, laser cutting etc... Eleminating engine noise coming from chains. Incrised HP camabilty of the primary chain system. And having beeter control of cam timing

Ported and polished head with lighter and better flow valves. Racing beehive valve srpings. Racing cam ,CX-7, with highest lift and duration you can fit in road usable engine. Cam is usualy used for dragracing. Rocker arms are hardwelded.

Optical multisparc ignition with 4 preprogramed timing advance curves. Driver can select timing curves depending on style of driving using hiden switches. Rev limit is set to 10500.

Mikuni rs34 racing carbs

Custom made oil pump rotors on CNC to give beter lubrication to the engine components.

Oil cooler is fitted in the front.

Engine casings are vaporblasted.

Around 90 rwhp.

Exhaust system

Wooden buckets were made using laser cutting for all 4 pipes. All fore pipes were hand bent according to wooden buckets.

Mufflers were handemade

Hidden connection to frame

All parts of exhaust sytem are made from 304 stainless steel


Tank, tail and light bucket are hand made using wooden buckets as referance. Wooden buckets were cut on laser. Metalshaping was done using those buckets as a referance.

All metalshaping was done using 5754 aluminum. All metal shaped parts are left in brushed finish

Tail is a functional oil tank with 5 liter capacity.

Below hand shaped light bucket there is a 3d printed support structure holding LED light and turn signals.

Front light holders are 3d printed and reinforced with stainless steel.

Model of seat was 3d printed and real seat was cast using mold. Upholstery was done using artificial black leather. The only MessnerMoto logo is on the seat.


The only real paint is on the frame. Black semi gloss paint.

Also protective layer was sprayed over 3d printed parts because of UV. 3D printed parts are intentionally left in raw finish

Everything else is left in raw finish