Honda CB750 Cam Chain Tensioner – High Performance

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This, Honda CB750 cam chain tensioner – High Performance, is an implementation of modern engine cam slider and tensioner design for Honda CB750 SOHC engine. This cam tensioner system allows for total control of the cam chain. Due to the curvature of the guides, all resonance is eliminated as the chain remains in full contact over its entire length of travel. All of this will allow far better control and stability of timing across the rev range. For the racing application, this system will allow for higher rev range and it will prevent common failure/breakage of the cam chain.

For all racing CR750 Hondas Camshaft chain/tensioner failure was one of the most common failures during races. This Camshaft tensioner system solves this week spot in Honda CB750.

Sliders are CNCed from PA 66 + MoS2 polyamide. Stainless steel plates are laser cut.

Load on cam chain is decreased because of constant contact between chain and guides. Combined with state of the art material used in construction this will increase service interval of cam chain and reduce wear of complete system. HD chain with straight side plates is a must for this system. The number of links in the cam chain is increased from 94 to 96 links to achieve the desired curvature in chain guides, compared to original Honda CB750 cam chain.

One beneficial side effect of this system is a lowered noise from the cam chain.


    • CNCed back slider made from PA 66 + MoS2 plastic with laser cut stainless steel support plates.


    • CNCed tensioner made from PA 66 + MoS2 plastic with laser cut stainless steel support plates.


    • CNCed middle wheel bearing made from PA 66 + MoS2 plastic with NTN HK1312 high-speed needle bearing.


    • One fancy nitrated axel for the middle wheel hardened to 55RC.


  • One Aluminum 8mm diameter pin.

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4 reviews for Honda CB750 Cam Chain Tensioner – High Performance

  1. Ricc, Milano

    One of the guy racing with Messnermoto cam tensioner
    So far so good, easy installation and no operational noise .-)

    I was using cappellini sprockets after destroying two original tensioner, it lasted for one season before the upper sprocket rivet started to move around, afterward I changed the rivet with a small stud and some welding, but I was not that happy with the fluency of the result. I did another season – last year- that ended up with a broken camchain, maybe because of my fix, I will never know, the chain also had 2 and half season.

    I like Messnermoto tensioner because it supports the chain in its entire length, also it feels VERY solid! With my mechanic we were joking calling it an “antiseismic” tensioner. So far highly recommended.

  2. Jerre Terre

    Eerste opstart na de veranderingen. MessnerMoto high performance camchain guide, new primary drive rubbers, Delkevic downpipes en collector met zelfgemaakte demper.

  3. oldmotorcycleshopbikes, ebay

    Excellent response time! Item was flawless!

  4. Lorenzo

    Installation went smooth. Can’t wait to test it in next racing session!

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