Triumph Bonneville by C+R Moto Co. with MessnerMoto Parts

A short snippet from article on BIKEEXIF:

Triumph Bonneville by C+R Moto Co. It’s not every day that a Hollywood stuntman and big wave surfer asks you to build them a bike. But that’s exactly what happened to Clancy Peterson of C+R Moto Co. when Jack Kingsley walked through his door. Jack had seen a 3D render of a custom Triumph Bonneville online and needed Clancy’s help to bring it to life.

The donor bike was a bone-stock air-cooled 2008 Triumph Bonneville—but it didn’t stay that way for long. The entire back end was lopped off, with the C+R team engineering a cantilevered seat and a mono-shock conversion. The custom seat pan was topped with a diamond-stitched leather seat, which looks fantastic against the fresh green metallic paint

MessnerMoto Parts, Motorcycle Master Radial Cylinder CNC by MessnerMoto and Motorcycle Switch CNC V2 3 buttons by MessnerMoto , were provided by Sanemotion. Sanemotion is our official dealer for North America(Canada, USA)

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