Triple Velocity Stack UNI Air Filter 50MM


Triple Velocity Stack UNI Air Filter designed and manufactured by MessnerMoto using the latest technology in design and manufacturing.

Three velocity stacks will provide air laminar flow inside the filter, eliminates turbulences and increasing air flow to the engine. Depending on the revving

Manufactured using the latest 3D Printing Selective Laser Sintering technology from strong and temperature resistant Polyamide 12.

Triple Velocity Stack UNI Air Filter is reusable! It is easy to change UNI Filter foam.

This model of MessnerMoto Triple Velocity Stack UNI Air Filter was specially designed for performance Keihin CR carburetors, but they will work with every carburetor/EFI system with 50mm diameter of intakes.

  • 3D Laser Sintered
  • Strong and Temperature resistant Polyamide 12 plastic
  • High Density UNI Filter
  • 100mm length of Filter Body
  • 75mm width of Filter Body
  • 70mm height from Carburetor/EFI intake
  • UNI filter foam is easily replaceable
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