Triple Velocity Stacks Filter for Royal Enfield Interceptor

Special version of MessnerMoto Triple Velocity Stacks for Royal Enfield Interceptor for @moon.rever build. Basically this is plug and play Airbox delete kit. Kit will work with EFI system and respect all emission regulations.

The main challenge was to incorporate Air Intake Temperature Sensor, Secondary Air Injector Solenoid line, Breather Hose line and Idler Air Control line.

Like always all the parts are SLS 3D printed, that allows us to iterate and improve product on regular base.

There is an option to run filters with or without UNI foam filter on top of it. For racing usage of motorcycle you would use system without UNI filters. Keep in mind that not using UNI foam filter will shorten the life of the engine because of all the dirt that goes in to running engine.

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