Racing Experience from Belgium with MessnerMoto CB750 Cam Tensioner

Our friend and customer IG @jerreterre finished a racing season in Belgian Classic Championship 2019 with his CB750. He is using our High Performance Honda CB750 Cam Chain Tensioner in his CB750 engine. After the end of the season he had to open the engine because of con-rod bearing getting loose. While the engine was opened he inspected our Cam Tensioner and concluded that there is more racing time in it. He will continue to use the same Cam tensioner in to the next racing season. We are satisfied to see that MessnerMoto Cam Tensioner is holding that good because we were expecting that it will last one racing season. This much better then we expected result.

The bike has been used in the following track days/races: 1. Bikers classics free practice, 3 days in hot weather and not holding back on the riding. 2. Chimay classics road race for the Belgian championship. 3. Classics on track: free practice on Croix en Ternois track. 4. Gedinne classic trophy for the Belgian championship. 5. Colmarberg Luxembourg for the Belgian championship. 6. Belgian 70's cycle sprint:a drag-race event for 70's bikes.

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