April 27, 2019

Mini Motorcycle Switches design P-1

Motorcycle Switches This 3D rendering picture presents the first version of MessnerMoto Motorcycle Switches design. The idea behind this design is to create minimalistic but still functional switches. One of the most important things was that the driver can press an individual button easily even with gloves on his hands. That why switch housing separates each button physically. In this first version we tried to incorporate mini momentary SMD buttons, the reason was simple, we could not find a source for normal-sized mini buttons. We never proceed with implementing mechanism with SMD buttons, because it looked complicated and not reliable.
April 27, 2019

MessnerMoto interview on Moto Circle Festival in Vienna 2018

Check out interview with our main guy Mirko Messner from Moto Circle festival in Vienna 2018
March 26, 2019

MessnerMoto Motorcycle Rearview Mirror evolution P-2

MessnerMoto Motorcycle Rearview Mirror Evolution of design of MessnerMoto Motorcycle Mirrors continued, but it was still influenced by organic design idea. In this version of the design, organic skeletal forms were human modeled instead of computer-generated forms in the previous design. Soon first prototypes were made using 3D laser sintering technique from polyamide plastic. This method of 3D printing is superior to extrusion 3D printing methods and 3D printed prototype is as strong as cast polyamide plastic.
March 21, 2019

MessnerMoto Motorcycle Rearview Mirror P-1

This is how the design of MessnerMoto Motorcycle Rearview mirrors started. I have experimented with organic generated structures in Grasshopper. The organic-looking design was radical and exciting, but I was not pleased with the visual result. From there I decided to move on to the next design.